Definition of shinbone in US English:



  • The tibia.

    • ‘Shin splints describes the pain and discomfort a runner feels on either side of the shin bone, called the tibia.’
    • ‘The car accident had resulted with a broken shin bone on his right leg.’
    • ‘The study relied instead on smaller solid bones, including ribs and shin bones.’
    • ‘I was less easy to pick on than Lewis was, perhaps, because I might kick you hard enough to break your shin bone.’
    • ‘I have 80-90 steel pins all up my shin bones, my leg and my knee and God knows how many stitches.’
    • ‘His shin bone was all twisted out at a peculiar angle, and there was blood staining the cloth of his pants.’
    • ‘Much examining of knees last week after the claims that you can tell the age of a woman just by looking at the joint between the shin bone and the thigh bone.’
    • ‘Also known as the shin bone, the tibia is the more medial bone and carries most of the weight transmitted between the femur and foot.’
    • ‘But she has been left with no shin bone in her left leg, which was completely mangled in the accident.’
    • ‘She had broken her shin bone and fractured the inside of her ankle and heel.’
    • ‘Your knee joint is made up of the ends of the thigh bone and shin bone, which normally glide over each other smoothly because they are covered by smooth articular cartilage.’
    • ‘One shin bone (the right one) is straight and smooth, but if you run your hand along the other you can feel a dip.’
    • ‘I have recently in the last year to year and a half noticed I have on my right shin bone, a perfect triangular shaped scar.’
    • ‘He also broke his shin bone and has had his ankle plated and pinned.’