Definition of shilly-shallyer in US English:


(also -shallier)


  • See shilly-shally

    • ‘Apparently it is for ne'er do wells and shilly-shalliers.’
    • ‘They opted instead for a policy of ‘splitting’ whereby the chaff of shilly-shallyers and equivocators could be shorn away to leave a core group of those absolutely committed to revolution at all costs.’
    • ‘I'm ignoring all the recycled sentiments and reminding the shilly-shalliers that greater minds than theirs would be deemed by today's craven consensus as ‘prurient’ and ‘voyeuristic’.’
    • ‘It is the shilly-shalliers who have contributed most to the present deplorable state of your society.’
    • ‘Thus, all Lawful and/or Good individuals are utterly beneath contempt while all those with any Neutral component are negligible shilly-shallyers.’
    • ‘The author has it in for politicians, liberals, student activists, pinkos and shilly-shallyers.’