Definition of shikra in US English:



  • A small, stocky sparrow hawk found in Africa and central and southern Asia.

    Genus Accipiter, family Accipitridae: two species, in particular the widespread A. badius

    • ‘Among raptors were two dark phase Booted eagles, Marsh harriers (male, female and Juvenile), Black shouldered kites, female shikra, and brahminy kite.’
    • ‘The ashy drongo does a wonderful call imitation of the shikra, but one such mimic spoilt the effect somewhat by hunting down a butterfly and making a messy job of de-winging it before breakfasting.’
    • ‘A shikra was seen at its usual hideout along the treeline.’
    • ‘A short walk along the naval base yielded many interesting bird species including a pair of common grey hornbills, spotted owlets, small minivets, shikra and Common Iora.’
    • ‘And amidst the bamboo pennants, a shikra jinked and swerved, cutting a dash so to speak.’


Mid 19th century: from Persian and Urdu šikara.