Definition of shift work in US English:

shift work


  • Work comprising recurring periods in which different groups of workers do the same jobs in rotation.

    • ‘They know how to work shift work, how to meet quotas, concentrate on tasks and work cooperatively with others.’
    • ‘Half work shift work and 56 per cent do regular overtime.’
    • ‘As you might expect in a clerical award it is rare to have shift work, but if there is to be shift work it is going to be by agreement and that agreement would encompass all those matters.’
    • ‘Decisions about who should be allocated on-site parking have been based on a scoring system that incorporates shift work, late evening work and clinical commitments.’
    • ‘There is also definitely a relationship between shift work and diabetes, she said.’
    • ‘If he works a six-day week including shift work and overtime, this brings his total salary up to £20,000.’
    • ‘The agreement reportedly includes salary increase, improvements to shift work and weekend work benefits, and improvements to extended health care benefits.’
    • ‘Workers have to work 12 hours a day and do shift work.’
    • ‘The workers are demanding a cut in hours, particularly for shift work, and are calling for a 33.6-hour week instead of the current 34.8.’
    • ‘The idea was to revamp the 330,000-person staff to reduce costs, shift work to lower-cost countries, and strip out bureaucracy.’
    • ‘A particular type of effort is required when workers have to work in dangerous, dirty, unpredictable, strenuous, stressful jobs that involve shift work and other similar demands.’
    • ‘They approached the railways and said that they would like to go on a salary, and no longer wished to be paid penal rates for overtime, shift work, or for working on Christmas Day.’
    • ‘When you work shift work, your free time rarely (if ever) matches up with when everyone else has free time to be out having fun.’
    • ‘Nurses can work together and with supervisors to determine best practices for transforming the work environment as it relates to work hours and shift work.’
    • ‘Management wanted to impose a raft of changes, including the introduction of shift work without penalty rates.’
    • ‘Later, at the end of a two-hour emergency meeting, the post workers voted to begin shift work in Belfast tomorrow when deliveries are expected to resume.’
    • ‘It included 105 job losses and a cutback in shift work, with some of the large staff numbers recruited in the past year expected to be let go first.’
    • ‘The things you have to do to try and keep friends when working shift work.’
    • ‘The incentive, then, for every air hostess who is going to take a holiday - or on anyone who works variable shift work - is to work the maximum amount before taking any holidays.’
    • ‘He says any worker doing shift work, or working long hours, needed time to adapt before retiring.’


shift work

/ˈSHif(t) ˌwərk/