Definition of shift register in US English:

shift register


  • A register that is designed to allow the bits of its contents to be moved to left or right.

    • ‘On the basis of a parallel output from the shift register, a decoder determines whether the detection of the pre-pit synchronization signal is accurate or erroneous.’
    • ‘The parts accept serial data through Serial Peripheral Interface and use an internal shift register and latches to set the data for each of the LED outputs.’
    • ‘A data transmission is performed each time the coincidence signal is received in a transmission shift register.’
    • ‘The position information indicative of the selected signal block is appended to a queue of a shift register and position information is output from a head of the queue.’
    • ‘The shift register is shifted either left or right one symbol.’


shift register

/SHift ˈrejəstər/