Definition of shepherd's needle in US English:

shepherd's needle


  • A white-flowered Eurasian plant of the parsley family, with long needle-shaped fruit.

    Scandix pecten-veneris, family Umbelliferae

    • ‘The report suggests that the species most at risk are the plants associated with arable habitats - including highly threatened species such as cornflower and shepherd's needle.’
    • ‘Flowers, such as cornflowers, scarlet pimpernel and shepherd's needle, used to be a common sight in the county's cornfields 50 years ago, but today many are rare, or even extinct.’
    • ‘Adults live on flower nectar and pollen and are especially fond of lantana and shepherd's needle.’
    • ‘Prints of the cornflower and shepherd's needle are available from the English Nature Press Office.’
    • ‘Nationally threatened and important species that used to occur in Birmingham and the Black Country include shepherd's needle, cornflower and corn cockle.’