Definition of shepherd's crook in English:

shepherd's crook


  • A staff with a hook at one end used by shepherds.

    • ‘He started with a plastic fan trellis, a steel shepherd's crook with a double hook, three pieces of ½ inch diameter PVC pipe, a drill and stainless steel wire.’
    • ‘Eyeing the seated figure, I note that it is an old man with a shepherd's crook.’
    • ‘That looks very much to me like a shepherd's crook, with noose the size of a sheep's head, etc.’
    • ‘He picked up his shepherd's crook from its resting place, and shrugged quickly into his cloak which lay beside it, and bound it about his waist with a cloth girdle.’
    • ‘In the final painting the false clergyman gets his final due as Satan uses a shepherd's crook to snag him as he enters heaven.’
    • ‘In one hand, he twirls a shepherd's crook while the other seems to rest on the bovine back of one of his herd.’
    • ‘It made them think of Gabe, who'd had no dog, and how well he'd managed his sheep with just his shepherd's crook.’
    • ‘A rather odious collection of Middle England and Etonian youth carrying unscathed shepherd's crooks and blowing hunting horns does not make a mass popular upwelling of feeling.’
    • ‘In the third act she performs a solo with a shepherd's crook, swivelling her hips and stroking the staff with her legs, that would not be out of place for a pole dancer in a dubious Soho nightspot.’
    • ‘On the late eighteenth-century candlestand lie a redware plate from Huntington, New York, a New England basket, and the wrought-iron tip to a shepherd's crook.’
    • ‘The door of the drier was held shut by a shepherd's crook wedged between it and the window frame.’
    • ‘You can get a small boy or girl with a shepherd's crook and then the hundred sheep believe that that small boy is the alpha sheep and they'll follow it.’
    • ‘Skilled woodworkers would also be adept at making two other items in John's series: shepherd's crooks and milking stools.’
    • ‘So I grabbed a coat and the Professor's great-grandfather's shepherd's crook, and went to see what I could do to help.’
    • ‘Usually blonde, befitting the land of the wattle, often with a shepherd's crook representing the wool industry, she was always young, clear-eyed, and innocent.’
    • ‘He is an extraordinary humpty-dumpty figure with an enormous head and stomach set upon tiny legs, supported by a shepherd's crook.’
    • ‘Among the designs are a traditional spear, French spear, shepherd's crook, fleur de lis and twisted bird cage.’
    • ‘Standing in their midst was a demon with a gigantic iron shepherd's crook.’
    • ‘Along with an exhibition tracing the roots of everything from Ayrshire shepherd's crooks to the Orkney Chair, audiences will have the chance to see craftsmen and women working each day in the museum.’
    • ‘The disease causes branch tips to bend so they resemble a shepherd's crook.’