Definition of shen in US English:



  • (in Chinese thought) the spiritual element of a person's psyche.

    • ‘Other side-effects include abnormal dreams involving either the shen / heart spirit or the hun/ethereal soul.’
    • ‘The shen may also be disturbed by the heat buildup in the chest.’
    • ‘The shen are indestructible and immutable; they transcend Yin and Yang.’
    • ‘This is from an unknown source, but emphasizes the importance of treating the shen.’
    • ‘In this formula, ginseng calms shen.’
    • ‘The heart houses the shen, or spirits, and the shen's presence radiates and shines from a person's eyes and face.’
    • ‘In classical Chinese medicine, shen is the reservoir of vital essence in semen, and kui means deficiency.’
    • ‘Since storage is a yin function, it is primarily the Heart blood and yin that have the function of nourishing the Heart and providing the material basis for the Heart to house the shen.’


From Chinese shén.