Definition of sheltered workshop in English:

sheltered workshop


  • A supervised workplace for physically disabled or mentally handicapped adults.

    • ‘Prime Minister John Howard this week moved to lay to rest fears that some Bundaberg sheltered workshops that employ disabled workers could be forced to close their doors.’
    • ‘It isn't reasonable to expect individual small businesses to be sheltered workshops for infirm, slow, lazy or inebriated workers.’
    • ‘And they bring in highly innovative employment strategies for people who are disabled and trying to give them firstly in sheltered workshops and then in more integrated work places.’
    • ‘Have you ever stepped into a sheltered workshop?’
    • ‘Concern sheltered workshops across the country could be forced to close their doors has risen from the federal government's plans to increase payments to disabled workers.’
    • ‘This post concludes our tour of Horizons Unlimited, a sheltered workshop on the south edge of Emmetsburg.’
    • ‘These people laid the groundwork for medical rehabilitation, sheltered workshops, and better designed prosthetics devices.’
    • ‘This includes sheltered workshops, transitional employment (working in a job that is ‘owned’ by a rehabilitation agency), work crews, skills training, and other preparatory activities.’
    • ‘Was a newspaper advertisement the only form of consultation with the families of people who attend sheltered workshops; if not, what other process was used for consultation with individuals and their families?’
    • ‘I knew I wanted to move away from the usual products manufactured by sheltered workshops such as pens and key chains, but I didn't know what I was looking for.’
    • ‘For more than 100 years concerned citizens have rallied together to provide separate special schools, sheltered workshops and institutional accommodation.’
    • ‘If you are working in a sheltered workshop, the Department of Social, Community and Family Affairs do not regard this as being under a contract of employment and therefore your work is not insurable.’
    • ‘A shortage of funding means at least four of them, whose handicaps are too severe to allow normal employment, will be unable to continue working in sheltered workshops.’
    • ‘Does she believe that the reason for the extension was to ensure that parents of disabled people in sheltered workshops have been adequately consulted, and, if they have not been, why not?’
    • ‘Some will go to sheltered workshops, others to employment and a few into higher education.’
    • ‘Under the repeal, individuals themselves will be assessed as to whether they are exempt from minimum-wage provisions, rather than what is currently the case, which is that all those in sheltered workshops are exempt.’
    • ‘Matthew started working at the sheltered workshop in about July last year, I think it was, and Rhonda was already working there and that's where he met her.’
    • ‘As he grew older, severe seizures caused brain damage, and he attended special education classes in both public and private schools, in sheltered workshops, and in a state hospital.’
    • ‘Or is it just another sheltered workshop which, established with the best of intentions and heavily subsidised, is of benefit to no one except those who work in it?’
    • ‘Disabled workers who work in sheltered workshops have been setting many New Zealanders an excellent example.’