Definition of shellfish in US English:



  • 1An aquatic shelled mollusk (e.g. an oyster or cockle) or crustacean (e.g. a crab or shrimp), especially one that is edible.

    • ‘The significance of this is that other species such as shellfish and crustaceans feeding in plankton could be affected.’
    • ‘It's a queer experience - when I picked up one of the shellfish, a waft of nostalgia swept through my inner being.’
    • ‘For the shellfish may carry an infection which causes severe stomach upsets in anyone who eats them.’
    • ‘It's an enormously creative act for a shellfish, don't you think?’
    • ‘There are obviously plenty of shellfish and crabs, too, because I saw giant puffers and octopus and none looked short of a meal.’
    • ‘These teeth are used to crush prey, mostly of shellfish and crustaceans, and only rarely are used offensively towards divers.’
    • ‘Women are abducted while gathering crabs and shellfish at night by torchlight.’
    • ‘Add any available shellfish or molluscs - abalone, sea snail, Moreton Bay bugs.’
    • ‘It becomes a battle of life and death as the star uses its suckers and all the brute force at its command to force open the shellfish.’
    • ‘So are corals and shellfish, which make calcium carbonates that end up in the bottoms of oceans.’
    • ‘They impact the populations of shellfish and crustaceans in their area.’
    • ‘Placing a shellfish between them, he says, the cownose ray might contract the muscles on the left side of its mouth.’
    • ‘The Shovel-Nosed Ray can reach two meters in length and is quite harmless, feeding only on small crabs and shellfish.’
    • ‘Control of red tide, an infestation that makes shellfish unsafe to eat, is another area of concentration.’
    • ‘The vertical plane along which we dive is completely smooth and only a few anemones and shellfish have been able to make themselves fast.’
    • ‘And spring, the scientists say, is the time of year the shellfish have their greatest aphrodisiac quality.’
    • ‘But the system of fines does not seem to be eliminating the hazardous shellfish from the local market.’
    • ‘Oysters were harvested in Scotland as long ago as the stone age when the shellfish were gathered from the seabed close to the coastline.’
    • ‘Even the rope leading down was covered in barnacles and the wreck itself was festooned in soft corals and shellfish.’
    • ‘All those years ago, for example, pot fishermen regarded divers as their deadliest rivals for the shellfish of the sea.’
    crustacean, bivalve, mollusc
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    1. 1.1 Edible mollusks or crustaceans as food.
      • ‘There are also limits on other food items, including fish, shellfish, honey, eggs and some fruit and vegetables.’
      • ‘Fish and shellfish are still important foods in the current diet, as they were in the past.’
      • ‘My main course, scallops cooked in a tomato sauce, looked marvellous, but the sauce was far too rich for the delicate shellfish.’
      • ‘We didn't have time for three courses, but we enjoyed the zuppetta of local fish and shellfish and the very fresh East Neuk crab and pasta.’
      • ‘A good combination is salmon, a white fish and shellfish.’
      • ‘Samples of the shellfish were taken by the FSA from various retailers and wholesalers in February.’
      • ‘It sells quality fish and wine and there is a fresh fish shop which sells delicious exotic shellfish.’
      • ‘The emphasis is on local fish and shellfish while salads, sandwiches and simple pasta dishes make up the rest of the summer menu.’
      • ‘Eat plenty of zinc - that means oysters or other shellfish, pecans, or even pumpkin seeds.’
      • ‘Gastroenteritis is caused mainly by viruses, such as the rotaviruses commonly found in infected shellfish.’
      • ‘Summer holidays, the English coastline and fresh shellfish - what a truly perfect combination.’
      • ‘Remove the shellfish from the cooking liquid with a slotted spoon.’
      • ‘Fresh Atlantic fish and shellfish are invariably the star attractions here, presented with style and individuality.’
      • ‘Small mammals, turkeys, fish, and shellfish were important foods, as too were hickory nuts.’
      • ‘Milk, eggs, fish, shellfish, soy, wheat, peanuts, and tree nuts cause most reactions.’
      • ‘High levels of betaine are found in shellfish, spinach, wheat germ and mushrooms.’
      • ‘Their operation has expanded to include a farm shop, where you can buy a variety of fresh fish and shellfish, a restaurant and a wine store.’
      • ‘Serve hot, spooning the broth, fish and shellfish into large, warm bowls.’
      • ‘Also avoid raw fish, especially shellfish such as oysters and clams.’
      • ‘Is it possible to develop a food allergy to shellfish as an adult?’