Definition of shelf life in US English:

shelf life


  • The length of time for which an item remains usable, fit for consumption, or saleable.

    ‘the shelf life of fresh pasta’
    figurative ‘the new strategy will be lucky if it has a shelf life of more than a few months’
    • ‘The shelf life of most bands nowadays is a year at best.’
    • ‘Liquid anthrax has a shelf life of three years, after which it turns into sludge.’
    • ‘Drugs and alcohol had seeped into their lifestyle and they were already past their shelf life.’
    • ‘These days books have about as long a shelf life as yoghurt, here one minute and consigned to the library stack the next.’
    • ‘I think it's a case of reinvention due to the shelf life of the term.’
    • ‘Your finished products have a shelf life of around one month to six weeks.’
    • ‘Just ensure that it has been stored hygienically, and note that flavoured milk has a shelf life of 45 days.’
    • ‘Seeds have a limited shelf life; they're only viable for a certain number of years.’
    • ‘The most refreshing and healthy drink of coconut water is available in sachets with a shelf life of a year.’
    • ‘Most have a shelf life of about two years, which includes the time the product sat in the store.’
    • ‘They are innovative in both packaging concepts and flavours and have an extended shelf life of 21 days.’
    • ‘Gasoline has an average shelf life of about six months, so refresh your supply regularly.’
    • ‘If you expect the consumer to buy a car, a long shelf life and a lot of reading and re-reading will help.’
    • ‘By placing them in the freezer, you will add another year to their shelf life.’
    • ‘Mass production and consumption means a shorter shelf life, for music as well for consumer goods.’
    • ‘The ingredients have a shelf life of 3 months in most cases, so use fresh ingredients.’
    • ‘The only drawback is that polyurethane glues have a shelf life of only about one year.’
    • ‘Fresh blood products have a short shelf life so we always require a steady number of donors.’
    • ‘They are currently particularly looking for platelet donations as these only have a shelf life of five days.’
    • ‘In such a state, a nation's paper money has a shelf life like a fresh egg or a jar of mayonnaise.’


shelf life

/ˈSHelf ˌlīf//ˈʃɛlf ˌlaɪf/