Definition of shelf-stable in US English:



  • Able to survive long periods on store or home shelves without spoiling.

    ‘a growing number of dairy-based beverages are shelf-stable and can be stored in the pantry rather than the refrigerator’
    • ‘The tried-and-true solution still seems to be convenience as companies rolled out an array of entries that ran the gamut from pre-marinated/pre-cooked branded meats to shelf-stable and frozen home-meal kits.’
    • ‘To broaden mass appeal, the shelf-stable milk, packed in 32-oz. cartons, will be merchandised in refrigerated sections.’
    • ‘Although shelf-stable tofu doesn't require refrigeration before it is opened, it is often sold alongside fresh tofu in refrigerated cases.’
    • ‘So refrigerated dip companies have embarked on a wave of innovation, as they seek to lure consumers away from the admittedly easier to carry and store shelf-stable products.’
    • ‘The portability and long shelf life of shelf-stable pudding also contribute to its popularity.’
    • ‘On a similar topic of aged products, the launch of extended shelf life and shelf-stable dairy products also has affected storage and order fulfillment.’
    • ‘While the 90-day shelf-life product can be stored on a dry shelf at ambient temperatures, the company doesn't plan an extensive consumer campaign on shelf-stable milk.’
    • ‘Creating quite a commotion in the cracker aisle and elsewhere among the store's shelf-stable spaces is private label cheese in aerosol cans.’
    • ‘Therefore, the company decided to leverage its aseptic milk production experience and develop a shelf-stable product that could be poured into an ice cream maker.’
    • ‘Extended shelf life and even shelf-stable products aren't a concept for the future or a concept relegated to other countries - they're already here.’
    • ‘With the complexity of most shelf-stable dairy beverages, the processed outcome of any new formulation is not predictable.’
    • ‘Although usually merchandised in the refrigerated section, the shelf-stable format helped operators add value to their business by easier storage and distribution.’
    • ‘On the cooking alone: make sure you have some food that's reasonably nutritious, shelf-stable, filling, and takes almost no time/energy to prepare.’
    • ‘Retort processing gives this shelf-stable product a shelf life of up to nine months, although the product should be refrigerated after opening.’
    • ‘Dairy processors are requesting consumer-friendly products featuring shelf-stable packaging and high-end graphics.’
    • ‘Although the sat fat in her shelf-stable bowls (one to four grams) is reasonable, her sodium isn't.’
    • ‘Clark suggests that shelf-stable milk would be an ideal solution, noting, however, that while ultra pasteurized shelf-stable milk is commonplace in Europe, it has not yet joined the mainstream in North America.’
    • ‘Available in convenience stores, dollar stores and other alternate channels, the shelf-stable product features 2 ounces of cheddar cheese dip, accompanied by either pretzels, tortilla chips or bagel chips.’
    • ‘The company's shelf-stable products, packaged in aseptic boxes, are well known to those who have traveled in Europe and Latin America, but relatively unknown in the United States.’
    • ‘Look for it in shelf-stable tubes at specialty grocery stores.’