Definition of sheeting in US English:



  • Material formed into or used as a sheet.

    ‘a window covered with plastic sheeting’
    • ‘Also, these synthetic blankets, like paper and plastic sheeting, must be overlapped, taped, and weighted to stay in place under windy conditions.’
    • ‘The Swedish-designed defences, which consist of a barrier made of wood and reinforced plastic sheeting, were erected last year.’
    • ‘Plastic sheeting covered by newspaper saves all flooring, is nonporous, makes any cleanup easy and is inexpensive to purchase.’
    • ‘Detainees lived in huts, erected in the middle of a former sporting ground, made of corrugated iron, plastic sheeting and shade cloth on dirt floors.’
    • ‘As you can see the front panel has a layer of protective plastic sheeting to protect the acrylic covered front from scratches.’
    • ‘The black plastic sheeting was to cover the horse for one week before being carefully removed.’
    • ‘The site comes complete with the requisite plastic sheeting, broken glass, tables made from crates, dirty mattresses and broken bicycles.’
    • ‘The joists and subfloor are installed in the usual manner, then the subfloor is covered with a layer of plastic sheeting to keep it from absorbing moisture when the wet bedding material is installed.’
    • ‘The contractor should provide boards, plastic sheeting or other protective material when bricks are unloaded on ground.’
    • ‘It was covered with cardboard and plastic sheeting.’
    • ‘Many squatters pulled down their own houses to save building materials like plywood and plastic sheeting, but many others stood by while their houses were destroyed by bulldozers.’
    • ‘Most of the refugees lived in stick tents covered with plastic sheeting.’
    • ‘It needs sunlight and a source of water to keep the sawdust damp and is made from wood and plastic sheeting.’
    • ‘To cover chandeliers or other fixtures that you cannot or do not want to remove, cut plastic sheeting to the appropriate size, wrap the fixture and tape it securely.’
    • ‘The black plastic sheeting was coming up in places (exposing the nice, mostly weed free soil) and so we had to weight it down to stop the light getting in and the weeds growing again.’
    • ‘We cover the ground with newspapers or plastic sheeting, and then spray-paint the paper through stencils or over found objects.’
    • ‘Now is the time to take out all those rubber tyres, plastic sheeting, supermarket trolleys, fertiliser bags and other general rubbish that has collected at various places along the river.’
    • ‘Investment in the agricultural black plastic sheeting used in exhibition rooms has soared sky high.’
    • ‘On colder days, plastic sheeting, layers of straw, Styrofoam, and even soil may be used to insulate the fresh concrete.’
    • ‘The silos were covered with black plastic sheeting and secured with tire sidewalls.’