Definition of sheet pile in US English:

sheet pile


  • A pile that is pressed or molded from sheet metal or vinyl so as to interlock with other such piles to form a retaining wall or other piling installation.

    • ‘But the fact that the sheet pile was not deep enough to be an effective seepage cutoff, I think everybody agrees with that.’
    • ‘Once completed, sheet piles were driven, a seal pour was cast, and the foundations were dewatered.’
    • ‘It drives sheet piles into the ground and is used for stabilizing shoreline and preventing erosion of soils.’
    • ‘In these figures, the displacements of the steel sheet pile under the pressure of the liquefied backfill soil are illustrated at two points (A, and B).’
    • ‘The main thrust of the scheme is to strengthen the protective wall south of the Lifeboat Station by encasing the lower area in concrete and protecting the existing sheet piles.’
    • ‘The upgrade will take place over 25 years and will include the installation of new sheet piling to replace the existing corroded sheet piles.’
    • ‘‘The plans include flood banks in Old Malton and near the railway line and in Malton and Norton walls built using sheet piles and concrete with appropriate cladding,’ said a spokesperson.’
    • ‘Emergency works costing £800,000 were completed early in 2001 to raise flood defences using steel sheet piles and the defences are now at a level which would have protected the area from flooding in autumn 2000.’
    • ‘We have a contractor on-site right now who is mobilized his equipment with the intent to drive sheet pile and close off the mouth of the 17th Street Canal and also the London and New Canal.’
    • ‘Workers drove two lines of 75-ft-long sheet piles across the tidal channel to create a trench for the concrete immersed tubes, which are being built in a nearby casting basin.’
    • ‘Unlike the existing bridge, part of which was washed away in November 2000, the replacement will have reinforced concrete foundations protected by sheet piles.’
    • ‘The proposed work would see the area around the existing pier dredged and cleared providing much needed deeper water around the pier and strengthening the existing structure with sheet pile.’
    • ‘Emergency works costing £800,000 were carried out early in 2001 to raise flood defences in both Selby and nearby Barlby using steel sheet piles.’