Definition of sheerlegs in US English:


plural noun

  • treated as singular A hoisting apparatus made from poles joined at or near the top and separated at the bottom, used for masting ships, installing engines, and lifting other heavy objects.

    • ‘Today we have steel piles and mechanical pile drivers - then they had only sheer legs and a suspended weight hauled up by hand.’
    • ‘The monkey bridge is constructed using two sheer legs and bridged with a hawser and handrails secured using pickets.’
    • ‘Guys attached to the sheer head allow moving the load horizontally by increasing or decreasing the angle of sheer legs off the vertical.’
    • ‘He proceeded to drive ahead and the tail portion of the aircraft broke surface but owing to lack of height of the sheer legs the main portion of the aircraft was still submerged.’
    derrick, winch, hoist, davit, windlass, tackle, block and tackle, lifting gear
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