Definition of sheepskin in US English:



  • 1A sheep's skin with the wool on, especially when made into a garment or rug.

    as modifier ‘a sheepskin coat’
    • ‘Heeled clogs were lined with sheepskin while knee-high boots with a six-inch wooden heel were patterned with metal studs.’
    • ‘The finishing of the leather began with applications of traditionally Cod oil being applied and rubbed in with a thick wad of sheepskin.’
    • ‘The blankets on her bed were made out of downy, white sheepskin, but the eleven-year-old girl still felt how the covers did not feel like the silky, rich fabric from her home.’
    • ‘In several he looked like a 1970s football manager in his white panama hat and a sheepskin coat.’
    • ‘The crib should be empty, with no blankets, pillows, soft materials, stuffed toys, sheepskin, or comforters.’
    • ‘Wool is particularly apt to pick up smells; if you sleep with your baby's sheepskin for a few nights, it captures much of your smell.’
    • ‘They wore matching ‘bomber’ style jackets and black sheepskin pants.’
    • ‘Then use a wash mitt (which has the texture of sheepskin and costs about £5 from car accessory stores).’
    • ‘Shrouded in a sheet of transparent plastic to keep off the wind and trap the warmth of his breath, he sat on his wooden tackle box wrapped in furs and sheepskin as the temperature hovered around minus 15C.’
    • ‘Faux fur is everywhere for autumn, nestling comfortably alongside leather, suede and sheepskin on the rails.’
    • ‘For example, sheepskin keeps a steady temperature in the cold and heat alike, making it ideal for most climates.’
    • ‘Touchy-feely fabrics such as fur, sheepskin, suede, crushed velvet and silk will dominate, in deep colours reflecting their opulent nature - aubergines, olives, purples and chocolates.’
    • ‘There was none of the vintage denim, leather or sheepskin which have popular throughout the week, but Hamilton's collection offers feminine, wearable and desirable clothes in gorgeous colours.’
    • ‘Place your baby on a firm mattress to sleep, never on a pillow, waterbed, sheepskin, or other soft surface.’
    • ‘White, cream and wintry pale beige hues in conjunction with sheepskin, polar skin, shaggy furs and plenty of quilts conjure up polar expedition gear.’
    • ‘We wore heavy sheepskin flying gear with face masks.’
    • ‘True, they get pretty chilly if the fire goes out, but wrapped in a double duvet and lying on your own personal sheepskin, you'll be impervious to the cold.’
    • ‘The seats were of the finest wine coloured leather, and the carpet was well-groomed sheepskin, shampooed to perfection.’
    • ‘There are many wolves in sheepskin whose mission is to hoodwink the people at every turn with sugar-coated good-for-nothing promises.’
    • ‘Besides which, she concedes, because of the damp climate, sheepskin wouldn't be very practical here.’
    rug, runner, carpet, drugget
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    1. 1.1 Leather from a sheep's skin used in bookbinding.
      • ‘Another value added to the cows was the fact that while the rest of Europe used manuscripts made from sheepskin, in Ireland it was calfskin.’
      • ‘Manuscripts on sheepskin or parchment were easier to create and read than chiseled stone tablets, but still could be read only by one person in one place at a time.’
    2. 1.2US informal A diploma.
      • ‘Back then, it probably felt like you land a good job just by showing up with a freshly printed sheepskin, and you could.’
      • ‘In 1970, only 11 percent of the US adult population had a B.A. and only barely more than half had a high school sheepskin (look all that up and more here).’
      • ‘Problem is, that all-important sheepskin is out of reach for most students from low-income families.’
      • ‘Because, according to my sources, you have a foreign name on your piece of sheepskin.’
      • ‘Iggy will read out his name in Latin, hand him his bit of sheepskin, shake his hand, and young girls will swoon.’
      • ‘Every Olympic year, several slots on the United States roster are occupied by teenage girls, youngsters having just received their diplomas, or still working toward that high school sheepskin.’
      • ‘Plus, imitation sheepskin, the market in counterfeit college diplomas is booming.’