Definition of sheepshagger in US English:


(also Sheep Shagger)


Irish English, Australian, NZ, British
slang, derogatory
  • A man who engages in or is said to engage in sexual intercourse with sheep. Usually as a term of abuse: a man from a hilly or rural region (of the type used for sheep-farming); a country bumpkin; (originally, Military slang) a member of various Scottish regiments, especially the Black Watch. [Of the original usage Paul Beale notes, in Partridge's Dict. Slang (ed. 8) (1984), that the use is ‘highly offensive, and not used…in the hearing of one member of the Regt, let alone a crowd; even a subdued “baa!” could be dangerous’.]


1950s. From sheep + shagger. Compare sheep-shagging.