Definition of sheepman in US English:



  • A sheep rancher.

    • ‘But Jill's father was a practiced sheepman who had managed a great sheep ranch and had earned an enviable reputation as a man who knew his stuff.’
    • ‘On the hills around Aclare the sheepmen have gallantly modernised their hill farming practices but still more aid is required to consolidate the ground they have gained.’
    • ‘My father was a cattleman / sheepman and business owner.’
    • ‘He was a controversial figure who was a hardworking cowhand but also perhaps a hired thug given free rein by his boss to do whatever was necessary to keep sheepmen off the cattle range.’
    • ‘The man would have had extensive dealings with sheepmen especially in the Newport / Tiernaur area and in Tourmakeady where he is reported to have bought considerable quantities of sheep in the past few months.’