Definition of sheeplike in US English:



  • See sheep

    • ‘Do we really think that juries are so sheeplike that they have to be shielded from fact and opinion?’
    • ‘The progressive authors of much of America's patriotic iconography rejected blind nationalism, militaristic drumbeating and sheeplike conformism.’
    • ‘This powerful image of sheeplike mentality and groupthink is made all the more ominous by a jazz score filigreed with theremin sounds that eerily portend rifts in the orderly body politic.’
    • ‘We must never become a nation cowed by fear, sheeplike in our submission to the power of any majority demanding absolute control.’
    • ‘New Age prophets exhort their sheeplike followers to carry out all sorts of home truths that beggar the imagination of any thinking person.’