Definition of sheepishness in US English:



  • See sheepish

    • ‘Ironic, too, that he's diffident to the point of sheepishness, even in front of the most adoring audience.’
    • ‘The boy's sheepishness and self-effacing manner intrigued her.’
    • ‘But the elites' tendency to sheepishness proves many of them aren't the sharpest pencils in the box by a long shot.’
    • ‘He has a boyish face, his features still able to fold into a look of sheepishness, as it would have done with every prank and scrape of his younger years, but the authority is clear in his voice and the glare that can spring from his eyes.’
    • ‘And then, with some embarrassment and sheepishness and a new sense of propriety, it ended.’