Definition of sheep scab in US English:

sheep scab


  • An intensely itching skin disease of sheep caused by a parasitic mite.

    The mite is Psoroptes communis, family Psoroptidae

    • ‘Farmers have their own opinions about the prevention of sheep scab and I have to say that, although I have been among sheep for 60 years, I have never seen sheep scab.’
    • ‘The three-year project aims to reduce the incidence of sheep scab by promoting and supporting best practice, minimising the impacts of outbreaks and maximising the effects of preventative action.’
    • ‘So look at it this way, we have the position where us old farmers were clearing and preventing sheep scab by using licensed older dips.’
    • ‘After a good dip against sheep scab and parasites and any dose that may be required they will be sent up the fell where they will stay until clipping time.’
    • ‘So many people are treating their animals before finding out exactly whether it is sheep scab or lice and then having to seek out veterinary assistance, when the treatment is not working.’