Definition of sheep run in US English:

sheep run

(also sheep station)


  • (especially in Australia) an extensive tract of land on which sheep are pastured.

    • ‘Later he was involved with the pioneering of cattle and sheep runs.’
    • ‘On the basis that the average sheep run carries 20-50 rams, the union estimates farmers could sedate for a top figure of $25 a session.’
    • ‘The new Italian state rushed through legislation allowing capitalist landlords to buy up the common lands and sheep runs (previously protected by law) which covered much of inland Puglia.’
    • ‘He would move his tenants off the best pastures on the west of the island and rent these out for sheep runs.’
    • ‘A lover of the Canterbury countryside, in 1921 he bought his own farm - Irishman Creek Station, a sheep run of 10.000 hectares near Lake Tekapo in the remote Mackenzie country.’