Definition of shed (or throw or cast) light on in US English:

shed (or throw or cast) light on


  • Help to explain (something) by providing further information about it.

    • ‘Now a new poll sheds light on whether TV viewers are fed up with all the sex on television.’
    • ‘The questions at the heart of psychoanalysis - its promise to throw light on why we do the things we do, why we have trouble doing what we want to do, and why we suffer - continue to compel.’
    • ‘He has cast light on so many problem areas that I am moved to nominate him as the first national boxing commissioner - should that post ever be created.’
    • ‘It is believed the documents shed light on what ministers were told about the case during its long history.’
    • ‘This type of information sheds light on the similarity of Cold War developments in both the United States and USSR.’
    • ‘Police said they wanted to speak to a man seen in the area who might be able to shed light on what happened.’
    • ‘I've heard about the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program, but this is the first article I've seen that casts light on how it works.’
    • ‘There are going to be few reports coming out of there that will really shed light on how bad exactly it is.’
    • ‘Certainly it would be fascinating to see the results, as they would throw light on exactly how much the public understands about any of this stuff.’
    • ‘Det Sgt Morgan said he would welcome any information that would shed light on the incident.’
    explain, elucidate, clarify, clear up, give an explanation for, give an explanation of, offer an explanation for, offer an explanation of, make clear, make plain, interpret, comment on
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