Definition of shaven-headed in US English:



  • Having the hair of one's scalp completely shaved off.

    ‘shaven-headed monks’
    • ‘A shaven-headed youth in baggy jeans throws gang signs over the head of a middle-aged man who is mouthing the words to every song.’
    • ‘He appeared in court shaven-headed, tattooed, and wearing an England top, and was warned that "custody must remain an option" by a magistrate.’
    • ‘Kelly admitted last year that she had fallen in love with the shaven-headed actor.’
    • ‘At his high school graduation, Scotty gets dumped by his girlfriend, who has been cheating on him with a shaven-headed rocker.’
    • ‘The shaven-headed boys run backwards and forwards, their heads barely the same height as the sunflowers.’
    • ‘We make the formal, ritual greetings, and as we sit down I notice a long, shaven-headed figure lying motionless in a hammock.’
    • ‘A camera crew film a shaven-headed and tattooed woman wearing a dark vest in the hot Florida sun as she steps out of a dark green saloon car and into a tattoo parlour.’
    • ‘Little deceived everyone with a reverse ball that sent the shaven-headed youngster clear in the box.’
    • ‘There were a few shaven-headed squaddies, chattering excitedly about the hunt ahead.’
    • ‘Onstage are three shaven-headed and tough looking chaps that might prompt you to cross the street if they were stood outside a boozer; only the fourth member, a lanky, longer haired bassist, immediately has "I'm in a band" about him.’