Definition of shaved ice in US English:

shaved ice


  • A dessert consisting of very thin shavings of ice, or crushed ice, flavored with syrup or other sweet ingredients.

    ‘a cone of shaved ice’
    ‘my husband and I shared a shaved ice’
    • ‘He has since retired and moved to Hawaii, where he runs a coffee shop and shaved ice stand.’
    • ‘Cool the syrup completely before pouring over the shaved ice.’
    • ‘You can enjoy an outdoor barbecue with live music, and face painting, shaved ice and a mobile game truck for the kids.’
    • ‘The actress was seen purchasing a shaved ice treat for herself and giving some to her boys.’
    • ‘One of the most popular dishes is shaved ice, served with various decadent toppings such as chocolate syrup and sliced mango.’
    • ‘Sporting a straw fedora hat, Julie treated the little boys to shaved ice and a dinosaur balloon.’
    • ‘A zoo in Rome is helping its animals overcome the blistering summer temperatures with specially flavoured frozen yoghurt and shaved ice.’
    • ‘I discovered the sno-ball, which is a shaved ice dessert that's native to New Orleans.’
    • ‘The president indulged in some shaved ice during a three-day campaign bus tour through Iowa.’
    • ‘I remember going to the Southland Ice House with my dad, and they would give you shaved ice in a cup.’