Definition of shattered in US English:



  • 1Broken into many pieces.

    ‘a snaky line of shattered glass’
    • ‘The land caved into the depths below and the waters of the ocean rushed over the shattered remains.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, seven police personnel were injured, while all the windows on the front of Manggarai police headquarters were shattered.’
    • ‘An Army officer whose legs were shattered by a Taliban bomb has become the first British woman soldier to lose a limb in Afghanistan or Iraq.’
    • ‘Firefighters were called to the scene, extinguished most of the blaze and pulled the pair through the shattered front windscreen.’
    • ‘The strength of this explosion was such that the windows of most neighbouring shops were shattered too.’
    • ‘The tibia portion broke in half at his heel bone, which was shattered.’
    • ‘The gunmen fired mostly at random, striking cops and monks alike; the windows in several vehicles shattered.’
    • ‘Today it is a shattered edifice, with bloodstains on the floor.’
    • ‘They must see the burned flesh and the shattered bodies.’
    • ‘The next six months were spent in hospital, undergoing extensive head and brain surgery to re-build his shattered skull.’
    • ‘The blast destroyed the workshop and shattered windows in nearby houses.’
    • ‘James didn't just stop Cheryl from going to the doctor with a shattered arm.’
    • ‘On July 9, 1984, York Minster was hit by a devastating fire, leaving its famous rose window in shattered fragments.’
    • ‘The illustrations are not meant to be accurate renditions of the ruined docks or the shattered tobacco factory.’
    • ‘The shattered skull of his father displayed what would identify him - a row of gold teeth.’
    • ‘The government swiftly had to restore order to meet its citizens ' pressing needs and rebuild its shattered infrastructure.’
    • ‘Fellow hostess Simone Irwin couldn't make it due to a skiing accident - a shattered upper arm.’
    • ‘Hungarian Karoly Takacs learned to use his left hand after his right was shattered by a grenade - and won gold in pistol shooting.’
    • ‘The resulting explosion killed the crew, destroyed the bridge and a nearby house, and shattered windows up to a mile away.’
    • ‘Then arose the cries of the maimed and suffering; the few who remained unhurt hastened to escape from the shattered cars.’
    1. 1.1 (of something abstract) damaged or destroyed.
      ‘a pale illusion of their shattered dreams’
      • ‘The old order was shattered by the losses of the First World War.’
      • ‘Orman knows more than most how easily dreams can be shattered.’
      • ‘Energy Minister Brian Wilson today unveiled a "powerful" £ 40 million rescue package for the shattered mining community in Selby.’
      • ‘Sadly, for those of a Welsh persuasion, those dreams were rudely shattered within minutes of the resumption.’
      • ‘A shattered church does not mean a shattered faith.’
      • ‘Hall has talent, but his confidence might have been shattered by a late-season benching.’
      • ‘But the amicable atmosphere was about to be shattered.’
      • ‘In a world of magic and sorcery a generation of peace is about to be shattered by a seemingly unstoppable invader.’
      • ‘God was with us all that day, no injuries, but some shattered nerves for a few people.’
      • ‘This history accounts for a novel whose pages are littered with sad, shattered families.’
      • ‘That was the first time in my life that my faith was truly shattered.’
      • ‘My meditation on the awakening day is shattered.’
      • ‘The delicate coalition Bush put together in 2004 is shattered.’
      • ‘That peace, Brecht knew, was about to be shattered.’
      • ‘Now, their world has been cruelly shattered.’
      • ‘My childhood image of him was shattered.’
      • ‘We are not unique… all these other people have had their lives shattered by tragedy, too.’
      • ‘His belief in the whole system was shattered.’
      • ‘I have been shattered by the whole ordeal.’
      • ‘Here, lives are shattered, not cohesive.’
    2. 1.2British informal Exhausted.
      ‘I usually feel too shattered to do more than crawl into bed’
      • ‘They must have been exhausted by the end, but probably not as physically shattered as the performers themselves.’
      • ‘I came out of that feeling rather shattered.’
      • ‘He said: "I go after work and am absolutely shattered by the time I get home."’
      • ‘I'm just a tad shattered.’
      • ‘I was drained and shattered.’
      • ‘After training every day, I was so shattered I was going to my bed.’
      • ‘I don't remember, just that he was absolutely shattered by the end of it!’
      • ‘Sneering with disdain at the shattered panel of tasters, I calmly filled another glass.’
      • ‘Time off is good for you if you're shattered.’
      • ‘By the time they scale the building they would probably be too shattered to do anything anyway.’
      • ‘For some reason feel very shattered.’
      tired out, worn out, weary, dog-tired, bone-tired, bone-weary, ready to drop, on one's last legs, asleep on one's feet, drained, fatigued, enervated, debilitated, spent
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