Definition of sharpness in English:



  • The quality or state of being sharp.

    ‘the sweet flavor contrasts with the sharpness of the lemon’
    ‘his health and mental sharpness declined’
    • ‘It was marvellously complemented by the foie gras and marmalade, to which the grapefruit added a wonderful sharpness.’
    • ‘He had none of his famous sharpness and sparkle at the table.’
    • ‘The music lends the story precision and sharpness without any murmuring.’
    • ‘In fact, the intellectual sharpness of the record is more like that of a dull butter knife.’
    • ‘It slows so that you're able to discern the edges with startling sharpness.’
    intensity, severity, acuteness, keenness, violence, fierceness, ferocity
    chilliness, chill, briskness, coldness, keenness, iciness, bitterness, harshness
    harshness, asperity, bitterness, acerbity, acidity, tartness, edge
    clarity, definition, precision, crispness
    acuity, acuteness, keenness, sharp-wittedness, quick-wittedness, perceptiveness, discernment, percipience, penetration, discrimination, cleverness, shrewdness, astuteness, intelligence, intuitiveness, agility, nimbleness
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