Definition of sharp-tongued in US English:



  • (of a person) given to using cutting, harsh, or critical language.

    • ‘This strange expression comes from the north of England and is used, mainly by women in my experience, as a sharp-tongued and effective put-down of a certain kind of pushy, over-confident male.’
    • ‘In the first three years of his career, he was sharp-tongued, cocky and bullheaded, and he got ripped for it.’
    • ‘The sharp-tongued commentator said the airwaves should be liberalised to allow different politicians to run their own stations, and to enhance freedom of speech.’
    • ‘For me to be overly critical and sharp-tongued wouldn't be a reflection of my true personality.’
    • ‘She became the sharp-tongued wife, he the hen-pecked husband.’
    • ‘I am resolved to avoid all potentially explosive topics and I'm even mentally preparing myself not to take sharp-tongued jabs at my sister even though it's really easy and really fun.’
    • ‘Alan could be as ferocious and mocking a critic as the sharp-tongued Sebastian.’
    • ‘A big-boned, sharp-tongued farm girl, Josie is the beating heart of this play and the kind of role actors dream of through years of movie walk-ons and commercials.’
    • ‘That was what was wrong with him; he was still thinking about that stupid, acidic, bitter, sharp-tongued, amazing sophomore.’
    • ‘The others, including people with similar damage to other parts of the brain, were able to correctly place the sharp-tongued words into context.’
    • ‘Emilie was precocious in many ways, and by the age of 16, when she was introduced to the court at Versailles, she had matured into an attractive, intelligent and sharp-tongued woman.’
    • ‘He was also a loner (despite two marriages), a sharp-tongued cynic at times, and a self-centered man who could serve humanity yet express little empathy for the problems of those close to him.’
    • ‘Eventually she spits out an animated lizard, a reference to a folk tale about a sharp-tongued girl whose speech is transformed from words into reptiles.’
    • ‘As teenagers, Jamie was easy-going and popular while I was sharp-tongued and more aloof.’
    • ‘When the fools have gone home, the politicians take over center stage, although some sharp-tongued critics say there is scarcely any difference between the two.’
    • ‘That would include sharp-tongued humor, strong observation, and surprising insights, not platitudes and legalisms.’
    • ‘Moreover, says the performer, that painful experience is what led Shakespeare to become more than a sharp-tongued wit, more than the derivative writers of his era and ours.’
    • ‘My son needs a sharp-tongued aunt to show him how to take care of the bullies.’
    • ‘Some are kind-hearted, some are sharp-tongued and some are doing nothing except having fun all day long.’
    • ‘He has also restricted traditional public access to City Hall and demanded civility and politeness from traditionally sharp-tongued and sarcastic New Yorkers.’
    embittered, resentful, nasty, spiteful, irritable, irascible, peevish, fractious, fretful, cross, crabbed, crabby, crotchety, cantankerous, curmudgeonly, disagreeable, petulant, pettish
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