Definition of sharp-tasting in US English:



  • Having an acidic taste; tart.

    ‘a sharp-tasting aromatic root’
    • ‘I have never had chocolate desserts this bitter and sharp-tasting.’
    • ‘My soufflé was like biting into a dreamy, creamy marshmallow offset perfectly by the crunchy, sharp-tasting pinenut leaves.’
    • ‘Many of the recipes call for stuffing with some sort of strong or sharp-tasting ingredient, which invariably plays a role in basting as well.’
    • ‘The lads found this sharp-tasting cousin of rum an excellent solution to the tropical heat.’
    • ‘Basil is a close relative of the herb commonly used in Western cooking and its sharp-tasting leaves are incorporated in Asian dishes.’
    • ‘Adding a squeeze of lemon juice to the milk sours it slightly, mimicking sharp-tasting buttermilk, often used in scones but sometimes tricky to find.’
    • ‘These include Sisymbrium officinale, hedge mustard, which is a tough, sharp-tasting plant.’