Definition of shareable in US English:


(also sharable)


  • 1Suitable or intended for sharing with another or others.

    ‘there's a massive menu full of shareable snacks’
    • ‘The classics continue all the throughout the menu, with sharable snacks like steamers cooked in beer broth.’
    • ‘Each of his subjects has a personal history, not readily sharable yet not definitively alien.’
    • ‘The result is a more creative approach, bolder flavors and higher quality ingredients on sharable plates.’
    • ‘The smallest size is more than large enough for one person, and indeed even a little bigger than you might get somewhere else - just on the verge of shareable.’
    • ‘Reilly's menu has also latched on to a great sharable concept: four items are available by the piece, or by the half-dozen.’
    • ‘These special and/or extraordinary expenses are generally considered to be shareable between both parents in proportion to their incomes.’
    • ‘Seeing it in writing makes it that much more shareable.’
    • ‘Basically we're talking a one-page menu of small, shareable dishes influenced by various international cuisines.’
    • ‘A good option if you're dining with friends is the Choix du Chef, a very shareable mixed plate with a bit of everything.’
    • ‘Jazz creates a shareable universe, as reader, characters, and narrator together shape the plot, and an endlessly flexible language, as the story gets told and retold.’
    1. 1.1 Suitable for posting or reposting on a social media website or application.
      ‘every single piece of content is designed to be shareable’
      ‘an app that allows users to make short and shareable videos’
      • ‘From the desktop client, you can now copy shareable links of any of your files so you can send them to your friends.’
      • ‘By integrating Tumblr users into this series, we're turning Hack My Life into a truly multi-platform experience that's incredibly engaging and sharable.’
      • ‘All of your messages are encrypted, and you control whether images are sharable or not.’
      • ‘It works a bit like iPhoto with its shareable photo streams, but the ability to chat about photos makes it worth checking out.’
      • ‘The map is then shareable with anyone that you choose, which is great for showing friends and family what's up.’
      • ‘A couple of engineers make a couple of tweaks and suddenly what was once the most sharable content on the Web is a lot less shared.’
      • ‘The site mixes entertaining, shareable topics like pets through a conservative-values lens with articles about politics and policy.’
      • ‘There was a hunger for extending our web presence, making stuff more shareable, clickable.’
      • ‘Save your annotations as image files or even record the entire annotation process as a sharable video!’
      • ‘It's content that we think is highly engaging and sharable.’