Definition of shapeshifting in US English:


adjective & noun

  • See shapeshifter

    • ‘By that time next year, I knew her better than I knew myself, and when she passed the shape-shifting test and was given the higher-soul magic, I was not surprised to see her human frame replaced with a fine black Arabian mare phenotype.’
    • ‘On this show, a square-jawed, stoic samurai warrior has been fired through a time portal by his mortal enemy, Aku, a shape-shifting wizard.’
    • ‘And what is really different is the sweeping and crashing waves of electronics, strings and other samples chundered up in this album, much like the last, but adding something more constantly chilling and shape-shifting.’
    • ‘As well as the Daleks, whose Achilles heel was overcoming flights of stairs, viewers could see the part-mechanoid Cybermen, the reptilian Ice Warriors, shape-shifting Zygons and the Macras, a giant race of crabs.’
    • ‘The runes prevented him from teleporting, shape-shifting, and using telepathy.’