Definition of shanny in US English:



  • A small greenish-brown European blenny (fish) of the shoreline and intertidal waters.

    Blennius pholis, family Blennidae

    • ‘Stay a while and you might see a fierce territorial dispute between a pair of the shannies or other blenny species.’
    • ‘Spider crabs stalked the seabed; wrasse, blennies, shannies and rockling darted over the reefs, and pollack wheeled overhead.’
    • ‘The shanny, or common blenny, is normally shy and quite difficult to spot with his excellent camouflage, but during breeding his colour darkens to grey or black, while the lips go white and he becomes bolder in line with his parental duties.’
    • ‘There are several other species to look out for, including the less-common Yarrels blenny, the black-faced blenny, the shanny and the butterfish.’
    • ‘Within the wreck are conger, lobsters, edible and swimming crabs, packs of prawns, cuttlefish, topknots, flounders, scorpionfish and a host of blennies and shannies.’


Mid 19th century: of unknown origin; compare with earlier shan, in the same sense.