Definition of Shango in US English:



  • 1A religious cult originating in western Nigeria and now practiced chiefly in parts of the Caribbean.

    • ‘Still, a small number of people (nine percent) follow the African-centered religions of Shango, Rada, Spiritual Baptist, Obeah, and Rastafari.’
    • ‘Trinidadian Shango, which is part of the legacy of African traditional culture and religion, incorporates a mixture of Catholic rituals and elements of African spiritual beliefs.’
    1. 1.1 An African god of thunder significant to the Shango cult.
      • ‘Circe introduces Odysseus among celebrants of Shango, the Yoruba god of thunder and lightning.’
      • ‘He created a number of counter-hegemonic works, some directly linked to concerns with racial and political issues in the United States and others, which draw on the Yoruba spirits Shango and Eshu, that Okediji analyzes in detail.’
      • ‘Each Orisha has its own character dance - the ferocious stomp of Shango the god of thunder; the sensuous, watery sway of Oshun, the divinity of love - and Acosta includes some of these dances in Tocororo.’
      • ‘It honors both Shango, the god of thunder and lightning, and Christian saints.’
      • ‘The stones are housed in shrines dedicated to Shango.’
      • ‘Which would mean that South African unit Amampondo, who contribute to several amazing tracks on the disc and will be joining Watkins on stage here, fall under Shango's divine jurisdiction.’
      • ‘The Yoruba believe that when thunder and lightning strike, Shango has thrown a thunderstone to earth.’
      • ‘Some of his carved doors are remarkably similar to Yoruba panel doors in present-day Nigeria, and his carved tree stumps resemble Yoruba divination pieces to the deity Shango.’
      • ‘They are the prophets among us - those men and women of the cloth who spread the gospel according to the word of God, Allah or Shango.’
      • ‘At Botanica Papa Chango (named after the African Yoruba spirit-god Shango, God of Fire, Thunder, Lightning and Passions), no azogue is to be had.’
      • ‘Among her works is one in celebration of Shango.’
    2. 1.2 A dance associated with the Shango cult.
      ‘you want me to dance shango and sing calypso in the street?’


From Yoruba.