Definition of shamefully in US English:



  • In a manner worthy of or causing shame or disgrace.

    ‘the government has acted shamefully’
    ‘the gardens were shamefully neglected’
    • ‘Sighing shamefully, the warrior knew he had mistreated his poor friend.’
    • ‘That's what the pharmaceutical company would have you believe in its shamefully manipulative TV commercial.’
    • ‘She looked down and back up at him, blushing shamefully.’
    • ‘I went onstage filled with dread at the thought that I might teeter shamefully in my balances or fall out of my turns.’
    • ‘A definitive study of Bartóks contribution to piano literature has been needed for a shamefully long time.’
    • ‘The result is a guilty pleasure that provides a shamefully enjoyable piece of brain-dead fun.’
    • ‘Their struggle for independence is shamefully under-discussed.’
    • ‘There are builders who sugar-coat their proposals with big-name architects, irresistible bait in a city that shamefully settles for the ordinary.’
    • ‘These elected officials shamefully receive money from corporations and advice from their lobbyists.’
    • ‘For a political thriller, it is shamefully lazy about its politics.’