Definition of shamanist in US English:


noun & adjective

  • See shaman

    • ‘In Beijing, the Qing reserved the Kunning palace in the Forbidden City for shamanist sacrifices.’
    • ‘There are scores of ex-Mormons, shamanists, pagans, and atheists meeting up, hoping to find camaraderie.’
    • ‘Since most shamanist activity took place in the home, there was no religious organization to attack, and so it was relatively easy for shamanism to survive underground.’
    • ‘They were Christians, Buddhists, Jews, Manicheans, pagans, nomads, shamanists, and animists as well, and, ethnically speaking, Seljuks, Khazars, Bulgars, Timurids, Mongols, Anatolians and Chinese.’
    • ‘Can it be a good idea to take shamanist ways of working and using them for spiritualist work?’