Definition of shale gas in US English:

shale gas


  • Natural gas occurring within or extracted from shale.

    as modifier ‘the environmental impacts of shale gas extraction’
    ‘the rise of shale gas is shaping up to be the biggest shift in energy in generations’
    • ‘The shale gas drills do pass through rocks adjacent to those supplying groundwater, but go much, much deeper.’
    • ‘Hardly a week goes by without new shale gas and oil deposits being discovered in America.’
    • ‘Shale gas versus wind farms, job protection versus job creation, more airports versus passenger taxes–let the best idea win.’
    • ‘I also know a lot about onshore drilling, oil sands, oil shale, shale gas, and the like.’
    • ‘Tar sands crude and shale gas threaten both the quality and quantity of freshwater resources.’
    • ‘In May ministers and industry experts met in Downing Street to discuss the potential of shale gas.’
    • ‘The cheap energy brought about by the shale gas revolution, for example, is already boosting the U.S. economy.’
    • ‘Drilling to explore Britain's reserves of shale gas is to be restarted, despite major concerns about the threat it could trigger earthquakes.’
    • ‘Coppola noted a hillside in town that began to crack and slide under the weight of a new shale gas processing plant, which he contends was built without a permit.’
    • ‘In 2010, test drilling started in north-west England on shale gas deposits there.’
    • ‘Although many forecasters project prices to rise, the institute noted they may "drop significantly" across Europe if shale gas starts to be extracted on a large scale.’
    • ‘With natural gas prices so low due to huge new supplies of shale gas, besting the current energy system has become tougher.’
    • ‘Thanks to the shale gas boom, natural gas prices in the USA are at an all-time low, at around $2 per MMBTu (million metric British thermal units).’
    • ‘New technologies set off a rush to explore the continent's vast shale gas deposits that eventually drew in the major oil companies.’
    • ‘The new potentially game-changing trend for the United States is the rise of shale gas.’
    • ‘Shale gas, which has begun to bring profits to some counties in Ohio, has yet to take off here, and downtown is a grid of empty storefronts behind dusty glass.’
    • ‘The Conservative Free Enterprise Group will next week publish a report that calls for the Government to slash subsidies for wind turbines and give the green light for shale gas exploration.’
    • ‘With natural gas, shale gas and new technologies for extraction becoming more important, fossil fuels are likely to play a central role for decades to come.’
    • ‘After years when America's reserves of fossil fuels have been dwindling, an enormous new source of energy has become available: shale gas.’
    • ‘In anticipation of the shale gas boom spreading northward from Pennsylvania, educators in New York have begun training programs giving workers the skills industry needs to fill entry-level positions.’