Definition of shaken baby syndrome in US English:

shaken baby syndrome


  • Injury to a baby caused by being shaken violently and repeatedly. Shaking can cause swelling of the brain, internal bleeding, detached retinas leading to blindness, mental retardation, and death.

    • ‘This is the commonest presentation seen by paediatricians and is referred to as the classic shaken baby syndrome (repetitive rotational injury).’
    • ‘The Committee on Child Abuse and Neglect of the American Academy of Pediatrics has issued a technical report on rotational cranial injuries in shaken baby syndrome.’
    • ‘On this basis they thought that all the components normally indicative of shaken baby syndrome might result from hypoxic damage alone, dural and retinal haemorrhage being due to brain swelling consequent on cerebral hypoxia.’
    • ‘These three patterns of clinical events - in the absence of other circumstantial evidence for non-accidental injury - offer a more credible explanation than shaken baby syndrome for the presence of subdural and retinal haemorrhages.’
    • ‘Injuries from shaken baby syndrome can be life-long.’