Definition of shake something up in US English:

shake something up

phrasal verb

  • 1Mix ingredients by shaking.

    ‘use soap flakes shaken up in the water to make bubbles’
  • 2Make radical changes to the organization or structure of an institution or system.

    ‘he presented plans to shake up the legal profession’
    • ‘Perhaps the company will shake things up a bit when it does a consumer launch, planned for the fourth quarter.’
    • ‘There is no shortage of proposals and initiatives to shake the system up.’
    • ‘Still, I've been thinking, if you're going to shake this thing up, maybe my initial plan didn't go far enough.’
    • ‘Being the on-the-edge kind of person he is, Terry cannot help but shake things up in Sammy's very ordered and well structured household.’
    • ‘It's about time the health service was shaken up though time will tell whether it will be a success.’
    • ‘Finally, it must be commented upon: kudos go to organizers for having the guts and ingenuity to shake things up a bit.’
    • ‘Does that mean that he has plans to shake things up on the Max Bell stage?’
    • ‘It is about time the flooring industry was shaken up and customers were considered, and that was the motivation in combining the best technology and old - fashioned service to deliver huge reductions and a better way to buy flooring.’
    • ‘I didn't expect it, though I probably should've, but Logan was formulating some plans for how to shake things up with my social life as well.’
    • ‘Since the start of last year the portfolio line-up has been shaken up from time to time.’
    reorganize, restructure, revolutionize, alter dramatically, make far-reaching changes in, transform, reform, overhaul, update
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