Definition of shake someone up in US English:

shake someone up

phrasal verb

  • Rouse someone from lethargy, apathy, or complacency.

    ‘he had to do something to shake the team up—we lacked spark’
    • ‘He told him the manager's criticism was for the good of the team, that his words were designed to shake him up, not put him down.’
    • ‘In desperation I invented a reason to drive over to Minehead, thinking that the hustle and bustle of the town would shake me up, get me going again.’
    • ‘This really shook Mel up and caused him to ask himself if his life was going in the right direction.’
    • ‘I like the Telegraph but, despite doctor's advice, get the Independent and Guardian a couple of times a week to shake me up and let the descendants get a different world view from my rants.’
    • ‘I'm still happy and all, but something happened today that shook me up.’
    • ‘The Beagle 2 is to address a question that could equally shake us up and our view of ourselves and the universe.’
    • ‘To have someone love me like that was utterly incredible for me, and it shook me up.’
    • ‘It certainly made me want to shake him up at times and say, come on, Stevens, have a life…’
    put some life into, enliven, put some spark into, liven up, stir up, rouse, get going
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