Definition of shake one's booty in US English:

shake one's booty


North American
  • Dance energetically.

    ‘I was shaking my booty to a groove by the Larks’
    • ‘Initially it was a slow, sauntering pace but then she built up a good, swift tempo and I found myself humming and shaking my booty until I tripped over a magpie.’
    • ‘What started as a movement to invest girls with the power to be and do anything they wanted has morphed into a brand-new program: ‘Put on a push-up bra, expose your navel, shake your booty, and drive 'em wild.’’
    • ‘In fact, for good measure, here's another picture of her shaking her booty on the dancefloor.’
    • ‘Longtime fans will not be disappointed, and new listeners will have good reason to shake their booties.’
    • ‘So, if line dancing, salsa or hip hop shakes your booty, then get along there on Wednesday evening from 7pm to 8:30 pm.’
    • ‘This slinky Plateau resident and ex-Californian has been shaking her booty on stages across America since she was five years old.’
    • ‘Making it into a backing dancer troupe involves more than shaking your booty.’
    • ‘He explodes on the scene uttering rapper lingo and shaking his booty on the dance floor.’
    • ‘With punk, it's a spine-jolting feeling that makes you want to stomp up and down; with disco, it's shaking your booty from side to side.’
    • ‘My father and I had a little ritual of watching that show and tearing it to shreds with much mocking laughter and derision, but secretly I longed to be up there warbling my heart out and shaking my booty.’
    • ‘She cuts her hair, borrows some un-beige clothes from Suzette, and goes dancing and drinking, shaking her booty with the rest of the kids at some Phoenix hot spot.’
    • ‘The Anthem had come on and I started dancing to it, singing along, shaking my booty.’
    • ‘They concluded the set properly by inviting two audience members to grace the stage to shake a pair of tambourines and their booties as well.’
    • ‘A hula hoop demonstration on Tuesday gave elders of all backgrounds the opportunity to shake their booties, and chide each other like schoolchildren for their ineptness with the plastic tube.’
    • ‘‘Yeah, but that's about your spirit dancing, not shaking your booty.‘’
    • ‘When his brother is killed, Walter is free to be Walterina and to shake his booty in the dance clubs of Manila.’
    • ‘One moment the music will put you in chill-out mode, the next moment you're ready to shake your booty in a chorus of sweaty bodies.’
    • ‘Another dancer is convinced she's in a video as she shakes her booty.’
    • ‘More than 200 of the 2,500 entries in 2004 displayed applicants shaking their booty and lip-synching to their favourite Beyonce or Britney track.’
    • ‘In an interview with the Sun, she reckons the church has no problem with her shaking her booty in hot pants.’