Definition of shadower in US English:



  • See shadow

    • ‘We used the multipass texturing, real time shadower, real time lightning, pixel and vertex shaders, etc… so that we can use every natural event to influence the gameplay.’
    • ‘The shadower fired its maneuvering thrusters at full power as it tried to effect an erratic evasive pattern.’
    • ‘The two girls gave each other high-fives and laughed about losing their shadowers.’
    • ‘Once in contact with a convoy, shadowers from the pack transmitted position reports to the shore staff, who then directed the pack on to the target, and sent a medium-frequency homing signal to draw in the pack.’
    • ‘During break, the boy ran off to see if he could get his library card renewed before the girl had a chance to tell him that shadowees are supposed to stick to their shadower's side the whole time, during break as well as during class!’