Definition of Shaddai in US English:



  • One of the names given to God in the Hebrew Bible.

    • ‘In some systems of Gematria, 314 is the number of the angel Metatron, and two names of God - Shaddai, and Shakai - the latter associated with Yesod.’
    • ‘‘Will the contender with Shaddai yield?’’
    • ‘In Genesis we read that God appeared to Abraham and told him, ‘I am El Shaddai, ‘a name commonly translated as ‘Almighty.’’
    • ‘Does Shaddai in Job really mean ‘Lord of the Animals’?’
    • ‘On the reverse side of the mezuzah scroll is the Hebrew name of God, Shaddai.’


Hebrew, translated as ‘Almighty’ in English versions of the Bible, but of uncertain meaning.