Definition of sez in US English:



  • Nonstandard spelling of “says,” used in representing uneducated speech.

    ‘“Oh Lordy!” sez de man’
    • ‘Problem is, every man sez dat the service up thar is much bettah…’
    • ‘My man sez since I am almost as old as he is I must have been borned about the same tyme he wus and that wus back in a year kalled nyneteen and twenty-ate.’
    • ‘Save us, cries the audience - I'll save you, sez the popstar.’
    • ‘Not only is the federal government moving too fast to debate the issue, but parliamentary debate on the matter, sez Ralphie, is ‘the most un-Canadian thing that any government can possibly do.’’
    • ‘His final turn of the screw is the memory of a grizzled old miner who clutches his wrist as he and his pals are leaving the tunnel and boarding the bus to go home, and sez: ‘Sonny, we'll be here after you've gone.’’
    • ‘When they arrived Saint Peter sez, ‘Ok you guys, you have to go to the orientation department.’’
    • ‘He works for the Phoenix Meat Company and his card sez Client Services.’
    • ‘Of course, as Gene Wolfe sez, ‘Any interesting work of art comes close to saying the opposite of what it really says.’’
    • ‘So he sez to me, he sez, I don't like the cut of your jib!’
    • ‘Like mom sez, how do y'know you don't like uninhabitable frozen wastelands if you've never tried 'em?’
    • ‘I don't give a rip what exec sez which about whatever hype is flying around at the moment.’
    • ‘The scientician sez the bountiful sightings of rippled water & hump-like humps & cetera are all due to seismic activity deep below the loch's surface.’
    • ‘As jaunty Dante sez in his Inferno: ‘Too bad, so sad.’’
    • ‘The deal, as the back cover sez: ‘We traveled around the world collaborating with the most happening musicians, authors, scientists and thinkers we could find to explore the unity in diversity.’’
    • ‘Just remember: when the ranger sez to ‘pack out what you pack in,’ that includes vomit.’
    • ‘Tom Hanks walks into your office and sez, ‘My wife really loves this play and wants to make it into a picture.’’
    • ‘Whether that sez more about me the listener or them the band or them the bands they begot, I do not know, nor care to ask.’
    • ‘Then again, Lester Bangs sez Iggy Pop was punk rock period.’
    • ‘It's a kind of ‘oh yeah, sez you’ that owes more to soccer yobs than fox hunting.’
    • ‘Prices are rock-bottom, and our accountant sez we're certifiably insane.’