Definition of sexually in US English:



  • 1In a way that relates to the instincts, physiological processes, and activities connected with physical attraction or intimate physical contact between individuals.

    ‘I'm sexually attracted to powerful people’
    ‘they had been sexually abused’
    ‘sexually explicit material’
    • ‘Most of them are married and sexually active.’
    • ‘Many sexually dysfunctional and immature men were admitted into seminaries.’
    • ‘Think of Cezanne's early, sexually driven expressionism, or Mondrian's romantic Dutch realism, or the design-based art nouveau of early Bonnard.’
    • ‘In the last 10 years, there has been a significant fall in the proportion of sexually active teenagers in the US.’
    • ‘There's a poster on the wall: "1 in 4 Colorado women will be sexually assaulted in her lifetime."’
    • ‘The business-as-usual approach of emphasizing condoms and treating sexually transmitted diseases is more justifiable where there's not a lot of HIV.’
    • ‘Not enough has been done to stop priests from sexually abusing young people.’
    • ‘A boy looks on from the right, pondering the bizarre, sexually charged antics on the dreamlike platform.’
    • ‘I was not sexually aroused at all.’
    • ‘The images on these prints are mostly sexually explicit.’
  • 2In a way that relates to the two sexes or to gender.

    ‘she was sexually discriminated against’
    • ‘There was concern in conducting the online study that sexually prejudiced individuals might attempt to sabotage the research.’
    • ‘The man followed him and continued to use sexually biased slurs and threw rocks at his residence.’
    • ‘Current and former employees have repeatedly made the case that it is not a supportive place to work and that it sexually discriminates in hiring and promotion.’
    • ‘Abusive speech—even racially, religiously, or sexually bigoted speech—is protected from government abridgement.’
    • ‘Depression is somewhat discriminating sexually, as studies have consistently shown that women are considerably more likely to acquire the disease than men.’
    • ‘The sexually repressive and sexually unequal patriarchies seem to be collapsing demographically just as fast as the sexually liberal and equal societies.’
    • ‘There are certain words and phrases that are offensive, derogatory, demeaning, racist, sexually biased, and, well, just plain nasty.’
    • ‘There were a lot of sexually discriminatory comments as regards female lawyers who became pregnant and tried to find out more about flexible working.’
    • ‘The most sexually intolerant countries seem to be those in which women are degraded most.’
    • ‘Whoever has replaced them appears to be moving in a sexually partisan direction.’
  • 3Biology
    In a way that relates to sexual reproduction.

    ‘bees can reproduce sexually or asexually’
    ‘sexually mature animals’
    • ‘Unlike the alga, the fungus reproduces sexually.’
    • ‘Mortality via stem burial was more probable for sexually reproducing stems of the moss.’
    • ‘Beavers usually become sexually mature at two years old, at which time they may establish new colonies.’
    • ‘In species where reproduction takes place sexually, the mistakes may be disastrous, even lethal.’
    • ‘The testosterone response of male mammals given naloxone predicts whether or not they will be sexually active.’
    • ‘Many plants in the common group reproduce vegetatively from stolons or rhizomes, or sexually with spores.’
    • ‘Inbreeding is probably not a cause of decline, as goldenseal reproduces vegetatively as well as sexually, and is self-compatible.’
    • ‘The subject is considered insensitive, studied like an insect, sexually available.’
    • ‘The plants are not agamospermous—their seeds are sexually produced.’
    • ‘Despite the prevalence of asexual mechanisms of propagation, most clonal species also reproduce sexually, and exclusively asexual species are rare.’