Definition of sextile in US English:



  • An aspect of 60° (one sixth of a circle)

    ‘the Jupiter–Saturn cycle is now in sextile to its most difficult period’
    • ‘Tolkien's Sun sextiles Mars and Jupiter and makes a wide orb sextile to Uranus.’
    • ‘The sign of the 2nd house is fixed and aspected from the sinister sextile of Jupiter.’
    • ‘The positive aspects of trine and sextile are the areas where tension's resolution is found.’
    • ‘Since Mercury is solar when matutine and lunar when vespertine, it should surely have different exaltations for the two phases, one in trine to Gemini and the other in sextile to Virgo.’
    • ‘If the birth was indeed after sunset, the Part of Fortune was in conjunction with the MC and in sextile to the Moon.’


Late Middle English: from Latin sextilis, from sextus ‘sixth’.