Definition of sexpert in US English:



  • An expert in sexual matters.

    • ‘The 50-year-old sexpert fearlessly promotes sexual health and condom usage throughout the Caribbean and the diaspora.’
    • ‘They're more like sexperts giving some advice to help prolong the experience.’
    • ‘And top sexperts reveal 14 ways to improve your love life.’
    • ‘In what follows, I show how some queerly located sexperts are leading us in radically other directions.’
    • ‘Yeah, I don't know, I mean, I don't consider myself a sexpert, but you know, I've been to a few of these websites and anyway, what…’
    • ‘OK sexperts, I've got a real dilemma here: If a man can be a metrosexual, what do you call a heterosexual woman who tends to have all the lack of style, taste, and low-maintenance habits of the basic Neanderthal man?’
    • ‘I did go as a sexpert, but breaking tradition I decided to actually wear clothes.’
    • ‘When people call me a sexpert, I correct them, and not just because I hate cutesy porte-manteau words, but because I am not and I will never be a sexpert.’
    • ‘Now, as the writers we've got are disgustingly talented sexperts, I opened up the editorial process to them to an extent; mailed them the page plans but said that if they had any ideas, I was more than happy to consider them.’
    • ‘She began writing a sex column titled My Messy Bedroom and her reputation as a sexpert ballooned in the years following.’
    • ‘Judges include yours truly, along with some of North America's leading sexperts.’
    • ‘Later this month, Channel 4 will be screening a programme called The Sex Inspectors which will show couples having sex and being offered tips by a sexpert.’
    • ‘Is the world's self-appointed Tantric sexpert answering anyone's calls?’
    • ‘Any of our resident sexperts want to take this on?’
    • ‘Many sexperts, both amateur and professional, may not be totally surprised at these figures.’
    • ‘Maybe I ‘m more of a sexpert than a trend-spotter.’
    • ‘But what motivated her to make her career as a sexpert?’
    • ‘Take it from a bona fide sexpert ladies: There's nothing less attractive than a gal who thinks she's smarter than you.’
    • ‘Beyond archival stories, Gudgeon dives into fresh research by talking to sexperts on the front lines.’