Definition of sexless in English:



  • 1Lacking in sexual desire, interest, activity, or attractiveness.

    ‘I've no patience with pious, sexless females’
    • ‘As I continued to stare at my reflection, wearing that hideous mask and contemplating my sexless future, I actually started to hate myself.’
    • ‘Instead, these characters inhabit a sexless preadolescent world where the strongest emotion seems to be mindless rage against an unseen parental figure.’
    • ‘People over 60 are expected to be sexless creatures or, at any rate, celibates.’
    • ‘Raymond broods over the recent end of a relationship that died after ‘five sexless weeks,’ while Hannah thinks, ‘I must bring home a man.’’
    • ‘Veronica has no regard for puritanical ideologies or passively sexless females in her quest for self-realization through sexual freedom.’
    • ‘In writing my book, I wanted to make a particular argument about Moore, that she was not the demure, sexless being characterized by so many of her critics.’
    • ‘Nicholas is so devoid of personality that he needs to sing something completely superficial and sexless next week to stop this happening again.’
    • ‘Matthew wants to go into her room like a normal couple, but she's adamant in her regressive refusals, protecting her private sexless space, declaring that ‘no one's making love on my bed.’’
    • ‘Instead, religious missionaries continue to bring boring, sexless dogma to the rest of the world, while soda pop executives continue to bring crisp, refreshing deliciousness.’
    • ‘Helena's desire to lose her virginity belies the image of the little Elizabethan sexless virgin who doesn't really have any sexual desire.’
    • ‘So for this assignment, I'm taking back the 10 sexless months we spent together… but not, you know, together.’
    • ‘You don't have to be drab and sexless, but color psychologists tell us that blue inspires trust.’
    • ‘Gee, I hope all those explosions make up for the battalions of bland, sexless ciphers filling the screen.’
    • ‘Three hours later dressed in her sexless black trousers and royal blue shirt she set of for her shift in the small supermarket where she would endure the next eight hours as a cashier.’
    • ‘The child should not be looking at the mother as a sexless hermit, because that's not a good model either.’
    • ‘If the characters are domesticated, if they never act impulsively and if they are almost sexless and sterile, then they represent no threat to the system.’
    • ‘The truth is, most of us shut off the sexual part of ourselves when we engage with the world, as though somehow, we can be completely sexless in every other area of our lives, and then suddenly flick on a sexy switch when we need it.’
    • ‘She and Rebecca are fascinated by and constantly torment Josh, an apparently sexless boy who stubbornly refuses to develop an interest in either of them.’
    • ‘Pregnant women should not be treated as though they are sexless and off-limits, and certainly not all women who would use their pregnant status to entice devotees are vulnerable.’
    • ‘You do not say whether the length of the marriage is a little more than 10 years, therefore essentially chaste from early on… or the last 10 years have been sexless after some years of intimacy.’
  • 2Neither male nor female.

    ‘the stylized and sexless falsetto’
    • ‘In classical philosophy the soul was in principle sexless, and this was also true of early Christian theology, which preached the spiritual equality of the sexes.’
    • ‘She wasn't female anymore, just a sexless thief.’
    • ‘Nomi's look suggested dangerous androgyny, a sexless scariness that drew directly from both glitzy drag and gloomy Gothic ideals.’
    • ‘Below them stand a group of grey figures: faceless, sexless, mutely seeking release from their agony.’
    • ‘This was western art's first sexless nude, a body in motion, neither female nor male, rendered as a physicist or a stop-action photographer might see it, not as a painter was expected to.’
    • ‘Attired in bronze tights and leotards, with absurdly bad wigs on their heads, the seven dancers seem simultaneously naked and sexless.’
    asexual, neuter, unsexed, epicene
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