Definition of sexed in US English:



  • 1with submodifier Having specified sexual appetites.

    ‘hard-drinking, highly sexed youngsters’
    • ‘Surrounded by inefficient, highly sexed private secretaries, a beleaguered Bob strives to protect his reputation, his career and his conscience, as he tries to outsmart his adversaries in Westminster.’
    • ‘To me, this guy had the best possible situation a highly sexed heterosexual man could ask for, and he screwed up.’
    • ‘With this in mind, is it likely that a highly sexed, impulsive, handsome young buck like Phineas would keep himself entirely pure for five years in a foreign city?’
    • ‘Some guys do it because they are highly sexed and they are even choosy about the guys they do it with, they might have a few regulars on a loose sort of arrangement, and this is more like serial Sugar Daddy territory!’
    • ‘She is highly sexed, perhaps even a nymphomaniac, which would explain her more manic displays and lack of self-control at certain points.’
  • 2attributive Having sexual characteristics.

    ‘the effects of family and kinship relations on the construction of sexed individuals’
    • ‘Their presentations of the female body tend to draw attention to the position it has in culture: not only the sexed body, but also bodies marked by racial and cultural differences.’
    • ‘No, I am arguing that gendered pronouns for people are sexed pronouns, with people choosing ‘his’ or ‘her’ based on biology.’
    • ‘These matters concern the sexed body, masculinity, femininity, sexuality, and reproduction.’
    • ‘In all sexed species, the female is the fundamental sex.’
    • ‘At the same time, however, the authors refused to acknowledge the sexed body, claiming that sexual difference, like gender, is a cultural construct.’