Definition of sex tourism in English:

sex tourism


  • The organization of vacations with the purpose of taking advantage of the lack of restrictions imposed on prostitution and other sexual activities by some foreign countries.

    • ‘Stressing it is being promoted as a family destination, he said, ‘It's not a place for sex tourism or any activities like that.’’
    • ‘Also, the global development of sex tourism relates to the low age of consent - or lack of age of consent legislation - in certain countries, facilitating sexual relations with children.’
    • ‘The most controversial of these is sex tourism in which men travel, usually to some developing country, for the express intention of obtaining sexual services, frequently with children.’
    • ‘The topic arose in a discussion of his latest novel, Platform, which deals with sex tourism and Middle Eastern terrorists.’
    • ‘Houellebecq is looking forward to the launch of his next novel, a book about sex tourism, due out in September.’
    • ‘Well at a national level we also have national collection managers that look at child sex tourism, and also sexual servitude.’
    • ‘As ironic as eco-tourism is sex tourism, which generates an estimated revenue of US $20 thousand million.’
    • ‘Media exposure of corrupt officials, including some allegedly involved in sex tourism, has also brought retribution, according to the watchdog Reporters Without Borders.’
    • ‘There are not many novels that address issues of sex tourism, consumerism, terrorism and alienation, and that do so in a manner as shocking and revealing as Houellebecq.’
    • ‘An estimated 1 million children in Asia alone are victims of the sex trade, much of it focused around sex tourism.’
    • ‘But less easily dismissed is her - albeit half-hearted - defence of underage sex tourism.’
    • ‘He knows sex tourism brings in a huge flow of U.S. dollars.’
    • ‘In attacking sex tourism head on, he illustrates clear connections between the commodification of sex and the proliferation of western culture into the former Eastern block.’
    • ‘The industry was varied, ranging from pornographic web sites, videos, and magazines, to child sex tourism.’
    • ‘Another means of distributing child pornography worldwide is through sex tourism, which uses prostitution rings.’
    • ‘But it's commercial tourism, sex tourism, that brings in the big bucks.’
    • ‘The alleged paedophiles face charges ranging from ‘rape and sexual assault to sex tourism and creating and possessing child porn’, according to police sources.’
    • ‘Many of the hard-core images, according to Jenkins, are the product of sex tourism to developing countries in Asia and Latin America.’
    • ‘In the fourth and final chapter in the first section he discusses sex tourism in Bankok.’
    • ‘In some parts of Asia and the Caribbean, sex tourism is a mainstay of local economies.’


  • sex tour

      • ‘Why were the tourists just herded back onto the tour bus and allowed to merrily go on their way, presumably to the next stop on their organised sex tour?’
      • ‘So especially if you're a European or North American pedophile thinking of coming here on a sex tour: don't.’
      • ‘They're about as likely to fund a legalization campaign as they are to give him an all-expenses-paid vacation in Bermuda or - as long as we're throwing around groundless insinuations - a free sex tour in Thailand.’
      • ‘First he condemns sex tourism at the United Nations, and now he's going on a sex tour!’
      • ‘This organization fights some of the most flagrant abuses of women's human rights around the world - from female genital mutilation in Africa to Asian sex tours organized in the New York City area.’


sex tourism

/seks ˈto͝oˌrizəm/