Definition of sex tourism in US English:

sex tourism


  • The organization of vacations with the purpose of taking advantage of the lack of restrictions imposed on prostitution and other sexual activities by some foreign countries.

    • ‘In the fourth and final chapter in the first section he discusses sex tourism in Bankok.’
    • ‘The topic arose in a discussion of his latest novel, Platform, which deals with sex tourism and Middle Eastern terrorists.’
    • ‘He knows sex tourism brings in a huge flow of U.S. dollars.’
    • ‘Houellebecq is looking forward to the launch of his next novel, a book about sex tourism, due out in September.’
    • ‘The most controversial of these is sex tourism in which men travel, usually to some developing country, for the express intention of obtaining sexual services, frequently with children.’
    • ‘The industry was varied, ranging from pornographic web sites, videos, and magazines, to child sex tourism.’
    • ‘There are not many novels that address issues of sex tourism, consumerism, terrorism and alienation, and that do so in a manner as shocking and revealing as Houellebecq.’
    • ‘Media exposure of corrupt officials, including some allegedly involved in sex tourism, has also brought retribution, according to the watchdog Reporters Without Borders.’
    • ‘As ironic as eco-tourism is sex tourism, which generates an estimated revenue of US $20 thousand million.’
    • ‘But less easily dismissed is her - albeit half-hearted - defence of underage sex tourism.’
    • ‘Another means of distributing child pornography worldwide is through sex tourism, which uses prostitution rings.’
    • ‘An estimated 1 million children in Asia alone are victims of the sex trade, much of it focused around sex tourism.’
    • ‘The alleged paedophiles face charges ranging from ‘rape and sexual assault to sex tourism and creating and possessing child porn’, according to police sources.’
    • ‘Well at a national level we also have national collection managers that look at child sex tourism, and also sexual servitude.’
    • ‘In attacking sex tourism head on, he illustrates clear connections between the commodification of sex and the proliferation of western culture into the former Eastern block.’
    • ‘But it's commercial tourism, sex tourism, that brings in the big bucks.’
    • ‘In some parts of Asia and the Caribbean, sex tourism is a mainstay of local economies.’
    • ‘Stressing it is being promoted as a family destination, he said, ‘It's not a place for sex tourism or any activities like that.’’
    • ‘Also, the global development of sex tourism relates to the low age of consent - or lack of age of consent legislation - in certain countries, facilitating sexual relations with children.’
    • ‘Many of the hard-core images, according to Jenkins, are the product of sex tourism to developing countries in Asia and Latin America.’


  • sex tour

      • ‘So especially if you're a European or North American pedophile thinking of coming here on a sex tour: don't.’
      • ‘First he condemns sex tourism at the United Nations, and now he's going on a sex tour!’
      • ‘This organization fights some of the most flagrant abuses of women's human rights around the world - from female genital mutilation in Africa to Asian sex tours organized in the New York City area.’
      • ‘They're about as likely to fund a legalization campaign as they are to give him an all-expenses-paid vacation in Bermuda or - as long as we're throwing around groundless insinuations - a free sex tour in Thailand.’
      • ‘Why were the tourists just herded back onto the tour bus and allowed to merrily go on their way, presumably to the next stop on their organised sex tour?’


sex tourism

/seks ˈto͝oˌrizəm/