Definition of sex object in US English:

sex object


  • A person regarded by another only in terms of their sexual attractiveness or availability.

    ‘does pornography turn people into sex objects?’
    • ‘Brook, meanwhile, desperately tries to take things seriously and keep the peace but is all too often reduced to a sex object that's there purely to ignite the men's passions.’
    • ‘I would rather wear a burqa than have my eight-year-old child become a sex object,’ she wrote.’
    • ‘A caricature that stereotypes the female nurse as a sex object only encourages inappropriate behaviour toward nurses by the public and gives no credibility to your publication or to the excellent article it is supposed to illustrate.’
    • ‘Cold shouldered, Matthew tries in vain to win back the girl who loved him for not seeing her as a sex object.’
    • ‘Berry is a sex object, when she deserves better.’
    • ‘And of course the other part was just feeling like a sex object and questioning that kind of sexual oppression.’
    • ‘At first, I liked the one-nighter deal thing and my friends couldn't believe that I was letting all the guys treat me like a sex object.’
    • ‘You ask a lot of him in this role - drag, love scenes with men - and he's presented as a sex object and a tease for other men.’
    • ‘I'm not a sex object, but for the right woman… I could be.’
    • ‘It offers a quick peek at what happens when the man becomes the sex object.’
    • ‘But the famous movie star longed to be known as a much fuller person rather than being trimmed down to a sex object.’
    • ‘A woman needs to be courted every single day, she needs to be convinced that her partner loves and cares for her and is attracted to her and that she means more to him than being just a convenient sex object.’
    • ‘‘I could put my charms to use with gay people, but I didn't want to be the sex object on the team,’ he recalls, smiling.’
    • ‘At 68, Reid is as unlikely a sex object as they come, but she conveys the poignance of May's sexual re-emergence with plausibility and without losing an iota of her grandmotherly reserve.’
    • ‘‘The film is about how Danny becomes more and more of a sex object,’ explains Langlois.’
    • ‘Maybe she is a shallow sexy sex object with no depth.’
    • ‘I get the impression I'm more or less a sex object.’
    • ‘The reason he wants to see strippers is because it's a way for him to look at a woman as just a sex object.’
    • ‘In a way, you need to ‘objectify’ your partner, to view her as a sex object.’
    • ‘Instead of a sex object, she becomes more of a talisman.’


sex object

/sɛks əbˈdʒɛkt/